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The Best Drones Under $300

So far we’ve been through the best drones under $100, under $200 and under $1000. Today, we’ll take a look at the top quadcopters under 300 bucks.

What’s great about this group of UAVs is that they are generally performing a lot better than their cheaper alternatives, as they come with more advanced features for that price.

For a quick look at all the models under 300 dollars listed in this article, here’s the full list:

And now, let’s get into more details:

Outlaw Se

Altair Outlaw Se GPS Drone with Camera | 1080p HD 5G WiFi Photo & Video FPV Drone for Adults Beginner & Skilled Pilots, GPS, Auto Return Home & Follow Quad, (Lincoln, NE Company)
  • GPS FLIGHT MODE: The Outlaw Se remote control drone has Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)...
  • VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY: The Outlaw rc camera drone has a 1080P High Definition live video action camera...
  • TONS OF FEATURES: Headless Mode: Altitude Hold and One-Touch Take-Off and Landing. The Outlaw Se has...

Last update on 2020-03-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Outlaw Se is certainly one of the best drones out there below the $300 mark, as it’s a great option both for beginner and experienced pilots. I really love the white and blue colour finish, as well as the bright green under lights for better visibility when flying.

The biggest advantage of the Outlaw Se is the GPS, which remembers the point you took off from, and with a press of a button it can return back there by itself. Not only that, but because of the fact it’s using the GPS when flying, it will hover in the air and stay perfectly stable if you let go of the sticks.

You can use 3 different flight modes with this quad:

  • GPS Flight Mode
  • Follow Me
  • Waypoint Flight

The drone has a 1080p Full HD camera, capable of taking both photos and videos, as well as a range of about 600 meters and flight time of 18-20 minutes.

Altair Aerial AA300

Altair Aerial AA300 GPS Beginner Drone with Camera, 1080p FPV Video & Photography Remote Control Camera Drone w/ Autonomous Return Home, Follow Me, RC Drone for Kids & Adults (Lincoln, NE Company)
  • GPS FLIGHT MODE: The AA300 Quadcopter has Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) connectivity allows for...
  • VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY: 1080P High Definition: Live action video in first person view and high...
  • TONS OF FEATURES: Altitude Hold and One-Touch Take-Off and Landing. You'll be able to grow with your...

Last update on 2020-03-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Altair Aerial AA300 is another great quad from Altair Aerial, the US-based drone company known for their great affordable beginner drones.

What’s great about this one is that you can use its features to get better at flying and adjust your flying style accordingly. You can use Headless mode, Altitude Hold and One-Touch take-off if you’re still new to flying drones, but as soon as you get better – you can try flying without those helpful settings and try to master flying 100% manually yourself.

The AA300 has a 1080p camera, a flight range of about 100-150 meters and flight time of about 15 minutes. It comes with a really cool matte-black finish with orange accents and everything you need to start flying right away – a controller, battery charger, two sets of props and of course – the drone itself.

UPair One

UPair One Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Camera 7 inch FPV Screen Live Video with Altitude Hold, Headless Mode and GPS One Key Return Home
  • 【2.7K FHD Camera Lenses and Fluent Transmission】The advanced Sony camera Lenses with 110° FOV...
  • 【Safer Flight】Equipped with gps, protect your every flight. With just one button, send the drone...
  • 【Real-time Monitor Transmission】The FPV drone controller equipped with a 7-inch LCD screen, 5.8...

Last update on 2020-03-19 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Without a shadow of a doubt the UPair One is a bargain for what you’re getting. For just under 300 bucks you are getting tons of features which you can get in the higher-end quadcopters (f.x. the Phantom 3 Standard or Advanced).

This one comes with a 2.7K camera with an installed gimbal, but you can also get 4K camera if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks. I really like that you can change the field of view of the camera – you can select between wide angle, medium or narrow field of view, if you don’t like the fisheye effect.

The quadcopter also has WiFi connectivity, so that the camera can be viewed in flight and controlled by the “Firefly FPV” app available on Google Play and iTunes.

The remote looks a lot like the ones from DJI, except that it comes with a high-resolution built-in 7″ display. Unfortunately, unlike the Phantom 3 Standard you can’t change the antennas on the remote so you can’t extend the range, but in my opinion it’s OK as it is at ~800 meters.

The battery is quite nice – it’s 5400mAh and gives you a flight time of around 18 minutes.

You can check out the Facebook Group of the Upair One Owners, join the community and ask if you have any questions regarding the quad.

In my opinion this is the best bang for buck quadcopter under 300 dollars that you can get at the moment and I highly recommend it.

Hubsan H501S X4

Hubsan H501S X4 4 Channel GPS Altitude Mode 5.8GHz Transmitter 6 Axis Gyro 1080P FPV Brushless Quadcopter Mode 2 RTF ( Black)
  • 5.8G real-time FPV brings the world in front of you.
  • With 1080P HD camera, allows you to take photos and record video.
  • The intelligent battery with large capacity extends the flying time last to 20 minutes.

Last update on 2020-03-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The H501S X4 by Hubsan is a remarkable little quadcopter, which will impress you with its great features and nice, premium-looking color scheme. This quadcopter comes in white&gold or black&gold colour combo, and it certainly is a great product to look at.

Priced under $300, thie Hubsan is full of nice features, which set it just in the middle between the affordable toy-category drones and the more ambitious quadcopters that come with more advanced features. In addition, it is really light and sturdy, it flies smoothly and in my experience does not have any issues with stronger winds, as long as you don’t keep it really high in the air.

This one in particular has a flight time of 15-20 minutes, which I think is great. While additional batteries for the H501S X4 are not a must in this case, they are quite handy when you want to extend the flight time significantly. It also comes with a 1080P HD camera, which you can follow on the 4.3 inch LCD screen on the remote controller.

On top of that, you get GPS, headless mode, automatic return, altitude mode, and last but not least – follow me mode.

Overall, the H501S X4 is a really great performer in the “middle class” quadcopters, which will surely bring you tons of fun while flying.

Cheerson CXHobby CX-20

Last update on 2020-03-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Cheerson is a brand that’s mostly known for its great products in the lower price range (such as the amazing Cheerson CX-20, one of the best nano quads to be ever built).  This time however, they have a product in the mid price range, namely the CX-20.

The Cheerson CX-20 is a great quadcopter which is really easy to fly and has quite long flight time – 18 to 20 minutes. You can control it up to 500 meters away, but in my tests I was able to fly it up to roughly 400-420 meters. However, that’s still quite a lot more than most of the competition in this price range.

The CX-20 does not come with a camera, but it’s GoPro ready, so you can mount you camera and get it in the air straight away. It does have a gimbal though, so the footage is nice and smooth.

What I really like about this quadcopter is the Vision Positioning System (similar to the one in the Phantom series from DJI), which is great for indoor flying. I managed to fly it smoothly through a few tight door frames and it passed all of my tests with very decent results.

Overall, this aircraft is perfect for anyone who’s one the lookout for a great drone under $300 and has a GoPro camera. If you do not have one however, there are definitely some other options at the same price, which have included cameras.

And there you have it, these are my recommendations for the best drones under 300 dollars. I hope you enjoyed the article. If you did – please do me a huge favor and share it with your friends – it’s very much appreciated.

Let me know which one of the models you like the most, and comment below if there are any other quadcopters that fit in this price category that you haven’t seen in this post.


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These drone’s capabilities are exciting!

It surely is! What are you getting?

Have you ever heard of gps drone trackers? Any suggestions of drones that are capable or has a slot for it?

I heard Most of the High-End drones already have them but if you want to buy a separate GPS tracker you could try Trackimo. It’s lightweight to even small drones could carry it.

Are they capable of carrying accessories such as powerbanks or gps trackers which are quite popular accessories used by drone users these days?

Headless mode let me feel headache. Not very helpful. I think direction mode must be added on drones.

I am planning to get UPAIR ONE soon for my aerial photography as well as Trackimo for my extra tracking device.

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