The Absolute Must-Have Phantom 4 Pro Accessories

phantom 4 pro Accessories
The Phantom 4 Pro is a beast of a machine – and it certainly offers the most in the “prosumer drone” category in 2017. It combines incredibly sharp and crips image, reliability and smart autonomous features, and I think you can’t get a better aircraft if you’re serious about your aerial footage (in case you don’t want to go completely in overkill mode).

(Quick tip: If you don’t own a Phantom 4 Pro yet, there’s currently a great deal on this Phantom 4 Pro bundle, which basically gives you the drone + almost every useful accessory you’ll need.)

There are however a few Phantom 4 Pro accessories that can make this awesome machine work even better in your favor.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at some of the best extra goodies you can purchase for your Phantom 4 Pro.

Let’s check them out:

Backpacks & Carrying cases

When you invest in such an expensive equipment, you’ll probably want to protect it the best way possible. That’s where those backpacks and carrying cases come in extremely handy. Those are some of the best I could find for you:

Case Club Waterproof Case with Silica Gel (Propellers On)

I don’t know how you feel about it, but I really hate packing/unpacking my drone every time I go out with my drone or when I’m switching flying locations. Especially the whole “remove props-install props” procedure is supper annoying, especially if you need to shoot for a longer time and on multiple locations. ( I know, I know – first world’s problems!)

But that’s where this case shines – it allows you to put the whole drone inside, without removing anything. It’s perfectly cut, so everything fits just fine. Plus, every inch of space is fully utilized for your drone and accessories. As you can see from the image below, it has space for 5 extra batteries, the remote (both for Phantom 4 Pro and Pro +) and other accessories, such as extra props, SD cards and/or cables.

Speaking of props, this is one of the best features of this carrying case – the foam of the top of the case is cut in a way that prevents them from being bent or touched in any way.

To top everything off, the Case Club is 100% waterproof and airline approved for checked luggage.


Smatree SmaPac DP3000 Backpack

Phantom 4 Pro Accessories

The Smatree SmaPac DP3000 Backpack is a great option for those who don’t want the hassle of always carrying a case. You can throw this one on your back and carry all of your equipment, stress-free. 

What I really like about this one is the main compartment, which is quite large and fits the original Phantom 4 styrofoam case. It features a rectangular hole to quickly unlock the styrofoam case which enables you to open both the case and the backpack at once. Super cool.

There’s also some space for your mobile devices – a pocket on the backside of the main compartment leaves enough interior space for carrying around a tablet (up to 9.7″ iPad Air 2) or other mobile devices to sync with Phantom 4 remote control.

Plus, there is another compartment on the top of the backpack which fits 4 additional batteries for your Phantom drone.

Overall, this is a great and simple option for transporting your Phantom 4 Pro drone, and although the backpack itself has a good overall protection, I must say that it offers the most when used in conjuction with the original Phantom 4 Foam case, otherwise you might find it a bit flimsy.

Aluminum Carrying Case

Phantom 4 Pro Accessories

For those who find the beauty in the simplicity – this case is for you. The Aluminum Carrying Case for the Phantom 4 Pro is nice and sleek-looking case which offers enough space for your drone with the propellers on, plus a few compartments: there is space for 3 extra batteries, the remote controller, prop guards and some cables/accessories. 

Other than that, there isn’t much to it – the case is simple, relatively cheap (compared to the other 2 options above), but it also offers good protection and it meets the ATA Carry-On Requirements, so you can use it when travelling by airplane.



DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent Battery Charging Hub

Phantom 4 Charging hub

The Intelligent Battery Charging Hub is a must-have accessory if you shoot a lot and constantly switch batteries. It charges up to three batteries, but what I like about it is that it charges the inserted batteries in sequence according to their power levels, from high to low. Which means no more waiting for all of the batteries to charge, you can simply grab the ones that has been charged and leave the others until they are good to go, as well. In addition, the charger is equipped with a “Storage Mode”, which allows the charging hub to keep the batteries at a 50% charge, which is ideal for storing them safely.

Portable Car Charger
Best Phantom 4 Pro Accessories - Car charger

This Portable Car Charger will ensure you have a full battery, even when you’re on the go and don’t have an electic outlet nearby. It connects to your cigarette lighter port and it can charge your drone battery in roughly 1 hour and 10 minutes, while your remote controller will be on 100% juice in 3 hours and 20 minutes.

On top of that, the charger comes with low-voltage protection and overheating protection, which means that charging will automatically be cut off in case your battery voltage is too low or the port of the cigarette lighter reaches a temperature that’s too high.


ND Filters (Neutral-Density Filters)

ND filters are essential if you want to achieve more cinematic look for your drone footage. Essentially they are filters that reduce or modify the intensity of all colors and lights, giving no changes in hue of color rendition.

Installing ND filters is easy – simply screw them on the lens of your drone camera and you’re good to go. The results are quite astonishing:
PolarPro and Skyreat make some of the best ND filters for the Phantom series. Those are the ones I suggest you check out:

PolarPro DJI Phantom 4 Pro Cinema Series Filter 3-Pack-Shutter Collection

PolarPro filters for Phantom 4 Pro

This 3-pack offers 3 Cinema series multi-coated glass ND filters, which are super light and allow for smooth gimbal operation. Depending on the sunlight outside while you shoot, you can choose between the ND8, ND16 or the ND32 filters – see the video above for more information on when to use which.

SKYREAT DJI Phantom 4 Pro Lens Filters (4-pack)

ND Filters for Phantom 4 ProThose ND filters from Skyreat are another very good option – they are a 4 pack, which means you get one more than the ones from PolarPro, but they also include different filters – you can choose between UV, ND4/PL, ND16 and ND32. They also come in a great package for easier transportation and extra protection.


Landing Pad

This drone landing pad is a super cheap, but extremely helpful accessory for your Phantom 4 Pro (and for many other models, for that matter). It allows you to setup a landing location almost anywhere, as the surface of the landing pad is very durable and it’s also made from completely waterproof nylon. It’s also double-sided, so that’s another plus. In addition, you can use the 3 land nails to secure the landing pad into position when the weather is windy or you just want to be extra cautious.

You get the landing pad in a nice carrying case, so you can fold it and transport anywhere you plan to fly.

The dimensions of the landing pad are the following:

  • When unfolded: 75cm diameter
  • When folded: 29cm diameter


Extra Propellers

Carbon Fiber Propellers

The carbon fiber propellers are meant to provide higher efficiency and longer flight time, because they are stronger, lighter and more durable than the regular Phantom 4 Pro propellers. In this package, you get a 2 pairs of CW+ CCW carbon fiber props, which you can install with the included hexagonal wrench. 

Users report higher stability in the air and overall better performance, so you might want to give these a go.

Regular Propellers

In case you’re not too fond of the carbon fiber props, those are the regular ones that come in the package of the Phantom 4 Pro. You know what they say – you can never have too many spare props in your bag.

Extra Warranty

Well, one of the best things you can do to make sure you’ll enjoy your aircraft longer is to extend its warranty and keep flying the way you want to.

DJI has a service which is called DJI Care Refresh. Basically this is a warranty service which offers greater peace of mind every time you fly. DJI Care Refresh offers up to two replacement units within one year.

And there you have it, those are all the best Phantom 4 Pro accessories which you can get at the moment. I must say in my opinion these are some really good options to enhance the usability of your aircraft and maximize its potential.

Did I miss something? Is there something you use for your Phantom 4 Pro that you find a must-have and is not listed in this article? Let me know in the comments below!


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