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Redefining Drones: Casey Neistat Flies From A Huge Octacopter

Casey Neistat Drone

Casey Neistat Drone

Have you ever wondered what would it be not only to fly the drone with your remote, but really fly with it?

Yeah, so have I.

Turns out, the insanely popular YouTube star Casey Neistat has put an end to all that wondering.

He has done it.

In his latest video, titled “Human Flying Drone“, Casey is being dragged by a huge octacopter (meaning it has eight rotors) in something which looks like a winter resort, located in Finland.

According to the video, Casey and his team have built the monster octacopter by themselves. On the bottom of the aircraft there’s a Samsung Gear 360 camera, which promises to make the final footage even more awesome than it already is.

Enough rambling, here’s the video, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it:


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