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DJI Mavic First Look: Is This The Beginning of A New Drone Era?

DJI Mavic Pro Drones with Camera

The DJI Mavic Pro has just been released and man oh man the Internet went crazy about it!

The latest quadcopter from the Chinese-based company promises to be a big success, due to its novelty and ease of use. So let’s just dive into it:


The DJI Mavic Pro is a personal drone, which easily fits in a regular backpack, due to its foldable design. Although its small dimensions, this aircraft packs some serious power – here’s a summary of the most important features of the Mavic:

  • Quadcopter with an Integrated 4K 12MP 3-axis stabilized camera and foldable arms
  • Flight distance up to 4.3 miles  (7 kilometers)
  • Flight time – up to 27 minutes
  • Obstacle avoidance system with 4 vision sensors (below and in front)
  • 24 high-performance computing cores
  • GPS/Glonass + VPS Positioning system (for flying indoors)
  • Return home function
  • Follow-me mode (without a bracelet or any sort of tracker)
  • Terrain follow mode – keeps the drone at a height you define as the ground rises
  • Active Track with tracking shot profiles (Spotlight, Profile, Trace, Circle)
  • Tap to fly
  • Tripod mode for extra stability and precision during filming
  • Gesture control – the drone reads your gestures in order to follow you/take pictures of you
  • Gamepad-sized controller: (similar to PS4 controller) – fits in your pocket. It opens up to clamp around your smartphone device, but just a phone can also be used – you can fly using virtual joysticks (over WiFi) (shown below)
  • Facebook and Youtube Livestream capabilities
  • Sport mode – reach speeds up to 40.6 mph (65 km/h)




On top of all that, DJI has announced that the Mavic will support the newly-released DJI Goggles, which essentially are FPV goggles which you can connect to the Mavic when in Sport mode for extra first-person goodness. Inside, the goggles include two 1080p displays which give you an 85 degree field of view and a wireless HD signal for up to 7 kilometers.

And it even gets better – you can have a buddy join you and bind 2 pairs of DJI Goggles to 1 aircraft to share the moment.

You can order the Mavic today. The options you have are the following:

  • $749 – DJI Mavic drone without controller (use your smartphone as the controller)
  • $999 – DJI Mavic with gamepad-sized radio controller which fits in your pocket.
  • $1299 – DJI Mavic FlyMore Bundle – Includes DJI Mavic, car charger, 2 batteries, 2 sets of propellers and a shoulder bag. medium_342cb3d1-41f9-4227-b8db-fb7f1feff67b

You can order the Mavic from the official DJI website here:


Order from Amazon:


With all that being said, it’s important to ask ourselves the question “Have we reached a new level?”. With a drone priced at this price range and so easy to operate, it’s safe to say that the drone world has been redefined. I’m pretty sure that soon there will be countless Mavic-sized foldable clones, which will try to get on the hype-train as soon as they can.

Just think about it – a few years ago it was impossible to think of throwing a drone in your regular-sized bag and go hiking, while being able to shoot in 4K with all those smart modes available. In 2016, we are starting to get more and more for our money, and even the Phantom 4 seems to be in danger, since the Mavic is priced very similarly and has most of its features + it’s much easier to carry around.

For the casual drone flyer, the Mavic seems to be a perfect fit, since it allows for extra portability, while it doesn’t cut down on the functionalities either. As for its competition – it’s great that we have it. Since the news of the release of GoPro’s Karma, there have been countless of discussions which should come on top. And while the comparisons with GoPro’s Karma continue to swamp us from every direction, I think it’s easy to see which one is going to sell better. Yes, some people will argue that having a detachable camera is a plus for the Karma, but that’s just one of its very few advantages over the Mavic. With the lack of follow-me mode, its rather small flight range and no obstacle avoidance system, the Karma seems to be doomed even before it had a chance to try.

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  1. Michael Brown
    Michael Brown says:

    I’m looking forward to the comparisons between the Yuneec Breeze and the DJI Mavic. I’ve been very happy with Yuneec products and the Breeze would certainly add to my arsenal for indoor aerial photography. But first I need to see how these two compare.

  2. Anthony Delon
    Anthony Delon says:

    DJI Mavic Pro is definitely the DJI’s most innovative lines of drones. The main advantage of it is the portability or foam factor. We got one from DJI for a test flight. The flight experience was smooth and nice indeed. We also like your preview on this model. Keep up the good work.


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  1. Come acquistare un drone -(Guida per principianti) says:

    […] La più recente aggiunta alla famiglia DJI è stata solo recentemente rilasciato, ma promette di fornire risultati eccezionali. Il più grande vantaggio di questo drone è la sua portabilità super – il quadcopter adatta letteralmente in qualsiasi zaino o in borsa, in modo da poter portare ovunque con voi e non perdere più colpi (ho avuto centinaia di situazioni in cui mi piacerebbe girare qualcosa con il mio drone, ma non ho avuto con me in questo momento).Inoltre, questo quadcopter è imballato con quasi tutto ciò che si potrebbe desiderare da drone di dimensioni simili – fotocamera da 12 megapixel, bracci estensibili, a lungo raggio di volo (fino a 4,3 miglia – 7 km), sistema di prevenzione ostacolo con 4 sensori di visione (qui sotto e di fronte) , il controllo gesto, modalità sport, modalità intelligenti e molto, molto di più. Io personalmente lo prendo come una versione minified del Fantasma 4, che è anche aggiornato con alcune nuove funzionalità, in più è più portabile. Il Mavic Pro certamente è una vera macchina fotografica drone, dal momento che si può spiegare e girare in una manciata di secondi. Dolce! […]

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