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DJI Mavic Pro 2 – Rumours, Leaks & Release Date!

Stay tuned for more leaked information about the Mavic Pro 2!

The DJI Mavic Pro 2 is the next highly-anticipated drone from the Chinese manufacturer DJI. It’s first iteration, the DJI Mavic Pro set a record-breaking high sales and turned into what most people believe is the best portable and powerful all-round drone in the world.

So after the first Mavic Pro set the standard so high, we are of course expecting to see the same from it’ s successor. In this post, we’ll try to include all the latest leaks about the new DJI Mavic Pro 2 and give you as much information as possible before we reach the official release date, which until now is still unknown.

One thing we are seeing is that DJI is increasing the power in its drones and is raising the bar even more, so we expect the new Mavic lineup to be as powerful or even more powerful than the current Phantom 4 Pro. Subsequently, the next Phantom 5 is expected to reach an even higher quality, something close to the Inspire 2 – with interchangeable lenses and movie-like quality.

Please take all of this information with a grain of salt, as it’s not confirmed officially by DJI, but is coming from a trusted source who has been consistent in leaking right information in the past.

DJI Mavic Pro 2 Rumours & Leaks

So let’s dive into everything we know so far:

  • The Mavic Pro 2 is expected to match or even outperform the Phantom 4 Pro, but in a smaller shell
  • It will be larger than the current Mavic Pro
  • OcuSync transmission technology will return
  • Mavic Pro 2 will be able to avoid obstacles even in the dark thanks to a new 3D sensing technology
  • The 3-axis gimbal will have a new design, similar to the one of the Mavic Air
  • We expect a larger battery and longer flight time, around 33 minutes
  • Upgraded propulsion system and larger motors than the current Mavic Pro
  • The battery will also have a new design, so no interchangeable batteries between the older and the newer model
  • Upgraded propulsion with larger motors (slightly smaller than current Phantom 4)
  • The top speed of the Mavic Pro 2 will be 72km/h in sport mode, just like Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced
  • 1″ CMOS sensor with 28mm lens.
  • Obstacle avoidance in the front, back and bottom
  • Same type of remote controller as the Mavic Pro but with added new features and improvements (removable controller sticks included)
  • Already in mass production as of early February 2018
  • Mavic Pro 2 will use the same DJI GO4 app just like the current DJI lineup.
  • Expected price point: $1299 USD with FlyMore combo ~$1699 USD.


Speculations about the Mavic Pro 2

It would make a lot of sense for DJI to release the Mavic Pro 2 with all the new features that we’ve seen in the Mavic Air such as the APAS system (it allows the drone to go around obstacles automatically), as well as the gestures and the quickshot modes that we are already familiar with.

We are expecting to hear a lot more rumours and confirmation for the information that we already have as we get closer to March.

Bookmark this page and return often as we’ll update this article with everything new we know about the upcoming DJI Mavic Pro 2.

Last but not least, please drop a comment below and let us know what features you’re hoping to see in the new drone and what do you think about all the info we already know. Thanks!

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