DJI Spark – The Ultimate Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQ)


The DJI Spark is already here and promises to be one of the top-selling drones by DJI. That makes perfect sense, as this drone is really easy to fly and offers plenty of intelligent features, which make it overall one of the best entry-level drones in the moment, perfect for beginners or people with not much flying experience.

For in-depth specifications and list of features of the DJI Spark, refer to this link.

Naturally, since the Spark is an affordable quadcopter, people are asking tons of questions about it. In this article, I’ll try to cover as many as possible so you get answers to any of the questions you might have.

Let’s dive into them:

Camera Questions

Q: Are there picture profiles for the spark?
A: No. It only shots jpg with no optional color profiles.

Q: Do you need to tap to focus like the DJI Mavic Pro?
A: No.

Q: Does the Spark use obstacle avoidance while using ‘Dronie’ mode?
A: No, it doesn’t. You only have forward facing obstacle avoidance. So you have to make sure there are no obstacles in the flight path.

Q: Is it possible to use waypoints flight with DJI Spark?
A: No, the Spark does not have waypoints mode.

Q: Can you record video by only using gestures?
A: No, the gesture controls are photo-only.

Q: Can Active track follow objects or it’s only made for tracking people?
A: You can track all sorts of objects with Active Track – people, cars, animals etc. As long as the camera can identify the object and it has enough contrast to pop up on the screen, you will be able to use Active track mode on it.

Q: Can you take photos while you record a video?
A: No.

Q: Can I take photos/videos without an SD-card inside the Spark?
A: Yes! You can do that if you use your smartphone to control the Spark. In that case, the photos and videos taken from the Spark go directly on your phone. However, the saved files are in lower resolution from the regular one and overall in worse quality than what you’d get otherwise. So make sure you stack up on SD cards!

Connectivity & Range Questions

Q: Does your phone require data or cell signal?
A: No. It only requires at least Wi-Fi to activate at first but that’s the only time.

Q: What’s the maximum range with Wi-Fi in the city? And what about outside the city?
A: This is really location dependent. Depending on the interference you can get a maximum range of about 60-70meters. For anything more, you need to use a remote controller.

Q: Is it possible to use another device as a second screen?
A: Not as of now, but there are rumours you might be able to do that in the future.

Q: Does the Spark support Facebook live streaming?
A: Yes, but only on iOS.

Q: Is the Spark using Lightbridge connectivity?
A: No, the Spark doesn’t use neither Lighbridge or Occusync transmission systems. It uses a basic Wi-Fi connection.

Q: Can the Mavic Pro controller be used for the Spark?
A: Short answer: No. Long answer – The Mavic’s controller uses Occusync transmission technology which is not present in the cheaper Spark controller, therefore you cannot use it.

Q: Can you use DJI Goggles with the DJI Spark?
A: Yes, you will be able to use them, but you’ll need to wait for an official firmware update from DJI that will enable the support for DJI Goggles. The update should be avaiable once the DJI Spark starts shipping (around June 15).

Gestures Questions

Q: How can I fly the drone using gestures?
A: To start off, you need to take the drone in your hand and use your fingers to double-tap on the battery while the drone is still in your palm, facing forward. Then, you’ll hear a beep and the camera of the drone will detect your face. Once your face is detected, the drone will power on and hover in place, ready for you to control it.

Q: How can I control the Spark, once it’s in the air?
A: Simply move your palms to the left or right while you face the Spark and it will follow them. If you want it to go back, make a step forward with your palm still in the air. Same goes if you want it to go forward – you take a step back and it will follow you.

Q: How can I retrieve the Spark after being in gesture mode?
A: Easy, you just form the shape of the letter “V” with your hands and the Spark will come down at a safe distance, from which you can land it in your palm.

Charging Questions

Q: Can you charge the battery from a power bank?
A: Yes, you can use the micro USB port in the Spark.

Q: Can I switch from gesture control mode to smartphone mode during flight?
A: Yes, you can take over flying the Spark with your phone at any time – you simply need to connect to the Spark via WiFi through your phone, then you open the DJI Go app and you’ll take over the flight with your smartphone.

Misc Questions

Q: Should I get the Mavic Pro or the Spark?
A: This is a tough one. It really comes down to your budget and what you’re going to use your drone for. If you’re more serious about your shots, go for the Mavic Pro or the Phantom 4 Pro. If you’re only looking for an easier way to capture precious moments during family gatherings, travels or from your daily life, get the Spark.

Also, check this video for more detailed comparison between the Mavic and the Spark:

Q: What colors are available for the Spark?
A: The DJI Spark comes in 5 different colors: Alpine White, Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Lava Red & Sunrise Yellow. You can pick your favorite color here.
Keep in mind that some of the color options are currently out of stock, and depending if you want to buy a the Fly More combo or just the regular DJI Spark, different color options might be available for purchase.

Over to you

Those are all the frequently-asked questions for the Spark I can answer for now. Be sure to ask away in the comment section below if you have more questions or there’s anything I’ve missed.

Thank you!

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Hello, I have the Spark and have been getting use to the controls, waiting on the controller to get here since it isn’t being released till June 30th. When the Spark is hovering above, is there a way to have the camera pan down to take over head shots? Thanks for taking the time to make these blogs! Take care, -Jamie

Hi Jamie, the easiest way to do what you’re asking is to use the Rocket Mode – it works super well.

Thank you for the info! I found if I push the lower left icon to switch for controlling the spark, I am then able to pan the camera down. I’ll have to look into “rocket mode” Thanks again!

Can the spark follow you around like the Hover Camera? I’m researching between the two which to purchase. I narrate & film walk-throughs of house interiors and want to ditch the selfie stick. I’ll be mic’d but am hoping I can edit out the background drone motors whine using noise removal.
Thanks for the FAQ,

Hey Jaan, yes – the drone can follow you around and will work just fine for what you need it for 🙂

I have a fly more combo. If I{ have lost my drone can I just get the regular Spark and use my existing controller and other accessories?

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