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GoolRC T6 Drone & GoolRC T10 Mini Drone Review

GoolRC T6

Gool RC T6 & T10 Mini

GoolRC T6 Review

GoolRC T6 & T10 MiniThe GoolRC T6 is a spectacular little waterproof drone which is extremely capable for its size, and most importantly – for its price. Coming up at just under $40 USD (or even cheaper), you can’t go wrong with this quadcopter.

But what makes it that good ?

Let’s dive into it:

GoolRC T6 Overview

Well, to start off – this quadcopter is different from the many others in this price category because it’s waterproof.

Yes, that’s quite cool, and the T6 handles water surprisingly well. You can try to fly it in the rain or near water splashes – it will be just fine. Quite spectacular for a toy drone.

Check the video below to see the T6 in action:

If you watched the video above, by now you should have noticed that the T6 is extremely durable.

Especially for the beginners out there, having a crash-resistant quadcopter truly is a bliss. Even if you cut the propellers in half, they’ll still work – that’s spectacular! Surely my DJI Phantom 4 can’t do that..

Another notable feature of the GoolRC T6 is that it’s really smooth and stable in the air. I quite liked the way it handles wind, although you should not expect anything spectacular, as the quad still is quite light – only 85 grams.

Gool RC T6 & T10 Mini

I managed to fly it for around 8-9 minutes, which is quite the norm nowadays. Make sure you get some extra batteries, as this thing is a lot of fun to fly and surely you’ll need more time to fully enjoy it.

As the other toy drones in this price range, this one is also capable of flips and stunts – they are easy and tons of fun! You simply need to press a button on the remote controller and pick a direction for the flip – then it all happens in an instant.

In addition, the GoolRC T6 also has headless mode and one key return, which is great for the beginners out there.

You can check out the current price and availability of the GoolRC T6 by visiting RC Moment here.

GoolRC T10 Mini Review

The T10 Mini by GoolRC is another competitor for one of the best nano drones out there. It’s so small, yet so fun to fly!

I’ve tested it only indoors, but in good weather with no wind you can give it a try outside.

GoolRC T10 Mini Overview

First thing you’ll notice when you open the package is that the T10 mini looks very similar to the notorious Cheerson CX10.

Gool RC T6 & T10 Mini

The prop guards are already installed and I really like the fact that they wrap around the bottom of the drone motors entirely, making this little quad more sturdy and crash-resistant.

The T10 Mini comes with a rechargeable 100mAh Li-po battery which can also be replaced at a later time. After a quick charging and pairing with the controller, the quad is ready to fly.

GoolRC T10 Mini is a perfect gift for a child, or any person who has never flown a drone before – it’s easy to pick up and fly, and definitely takes a beating like a champ. I gave it to my girlfriend who knows nothing about flying and after a few crashes in the wall, it still looked like brand new. My only complaint is that the propellers are ejected too easily, and you often have to search for them on the ground after a crash – but that’s understandable.

To make the process of flying easier, this drone features headless mode and one key return – both are extremely valuable when you are knew to the hobby or you’re flying in tight spaces. To turn headless mode on, you simply need  to push the left control stick down and you will see the LEDs flash twice – Headless mode is now activated. As for “One key return”, push the right control stick down and the LEDs will remain on permanently when this function is activated.

If you wish to fly the drone without Headless mode, it’s important to know that the blue LEDs are the front of the drone and the rear is where the red LEDs are located.

The battery time is quite okay, although nothing spectacular – depending on how fast you fly this quad, you can get flight times af around 5 to 7 minutes.

To conclude, The GoolRC T10 Mini is a blast to fly around the house, and I actually love to fly it around my dog and make it play with it 🙂
It offers smooth and stable indoor flying, which will hopefully give every beginner a taste of what it feels like to fly a quadcopter. And for the more experienced flyers out there, this is a great quad to have on a rainy day when you just want to get your daily flying fix.

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