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Drone Chat – Interview with Lance Asper

Lance Asper

Learn more about Lance Asper

image1Lance Asper is a Videographer at Celebration Church in Jacksonville Florida.

He was a suggested user on Instagram in 2015 and currently has over 48 000 followers.

Once he got his hands on a drone he hasn’t been able to let it go! He uses a drone at all of his community hangouts and that’s what his Instagram feed is mostly made of now.

As he likes to say – “Videography is my job, but photography is my escape and hobby!”

Recently, I was inspired by some of the photographies from Lance’s Instagram profile and decided to learn more about his hobby.

Check out what he had to say below and don’t forget to visit his Instagram profile for even more stunning drone shots!








How and when did you start flying drones?

I started flying a drone a little over a year ago in 2015 for work, as a videographer! But as I would do video shoots, I started grabbing photos from our location spots.


What was your first aerial photography aircraft?

The first drone I ever used was the DJI phantom 3


What are the best 3 advices you can give to people who’re just getting into drone photography and want to improve their aerial shots?

  • Read up on all the rules / make sure you are allowed to fly in areas you visit.
  • Take care of the drone. You don’t want to be flying with dirty / damaged blades or a dirty drone. Don’t risk it falling out of the sky.
  • Just like in photography, don’t just try to take a picture high in the sky, try to capture something that no one has seen before in the advantage view point that you have

Do you think photography experience is a must in drone photography?

Personally I think you need photography experience to excel faster in drone photography. Because its easy to take the concept of photography and apply it to a drone, rather than just flying a drone high up in the sky, snapping a photo of maybe nothing and just thinking because you have a high advantage point that It makes it a good photo. Rule of thirds concept is very important and focusing around an object and leading people to see what you want them to see is key! But that’s not to say that you couldn’t learn photography skills from a drone, just as much as I learned it through taking iPhone photos for Instagram.

8 Lance Asper

What’s your favorite shooting location?

Here in Jacksonville Florida there’s many beaches to go take photos of, either of the ocean or different piers or bridges. But there is one awesome beach that we have dead trees lining the shoreline. It’s definitely a different scene then any other beach that I’ve been to! It’s called Big Talbot, that’s my favorite!

Big Talbot

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What gear do you use in the air?

I now own my own DJI phantom 4. Looking into ND filters from other brands though, to see what looks I can get with covers over the lens.

6 Lance Asper

What’s your editing workflow?

Every Sunday morning here in Jax, we have a community get together of photographers, we meet at different locations every Sunday morning to take photos for Instagram. Called the community sunrise. There is where I try to get different drone shots of the places we visit. We got to breakfast after and we usually chat and eat and all end up on our phones editing pictures to post that morning. I’ll snap photos and usually download them to my phone and upload them to Instagram within an hour or two.


What software do you use?

DJI app and my phone! If I just down load the photo for Instagram I use the app “Priime” and the filter “Colbalt” but on the computer I use Adobe Lightroom but I mostly stick to trying to only use my Iphone.


What inspires you?

Dirk Dallas and a few other Instagrammers that I follow on Instagram inspire me to keep droning. A lot of “droners” have these really epic locations and the objects in their photos are just amazing anyway. It challenges me to try to find something extraordinary in the everyday ordinary lives around me.

Share your best drone experience!

On my 24th birthday of this year, May 23, I was on a work trip in Fort Lauderdale. I decided to wake up early to catch the sunrise with the drone at the beach where we were staying. Sadly there were clouds and I was feeling pretty bummed about it because the water was beautiful and there was no sunlight to make the photos jump. But for probably 2 minutes, the sun showed through the clouds and at the time I was over a street so I aimed the drone down, got 2 shots with the sun casting some shadows. I decided to post one of the photos on Instagram but wasn’t really feeling it because I felt like the morning was wasted. Well a month and a half later, the photo has actually been my most featured photo ever, reaching around 100 features and over 10 million followers all around on Instagram. Now it’s my favorite picture and the one I’m most proud of. It was a nice birthday present!

Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale

Where can my readers find out more of your work?

I post most of my drone photos on my Instagram, @Lance_asper

Once again, thank you Lance for being cool to work with, it’s been a pleasure!

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