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Sky Viper M200 Nano Drone Review



Welcome to this Sky Viper M200 Drone Review. As one of the more popular nano quads out there, the Sky Viper Nano is a great choice for everyone who’s looking to try out drone for their first time and have some fun. It comes at a very reasonable price, charges very quickly and is really easy to just pick up and play.

So let’s just dive into it:

What can you expect from the Sky Viper Nano M200?

As it’s a nano drone, the Sky Viper is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. That makes it perfect for indoor flying, but it’s also suitable for flying outside (just make sure there’s no wind at all, or you might lose it, since it’s so tiny and light).

sky-viper-nano-m200-drone-dimensionsHere are the Sky Viper M200‘s dimensions:

  • 2.7 x 7.8 x 9.8 inches
  • 4 blades
  • Duraflex frame

The lightweight, but tough frame of the drone makes it agile and quick to maneuver. You can easily give this nano quadcopter to your child or get 2 and fly them simultaneously together for extra fun đŸ™‚ The recommended age by the manufacturer is between 12 months and 8 years, so it’s safe to assume the Sky Viper Nano M200 is quite safe for young children, as long as they are cautious enough.

The Sky Viper Nano is a standard quadcopter drone, and it even has two green lights in the front and two red lights in the back that indicate front/rear, so you fly it even easier!

Once you get it, charge it up completely (it takes roughly 20 minutes to do so), and you’re good to go!

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Flying the Sky Viper Nano

sky-viper-nano-m200-drone-remote-controllerWhen it comes to flying, this little guy is very capable – you get a nice and stable range (up to 200 feet) due to its 2.4 GhZ technology, so you can even try to experiment and take it to an open field or just a large hall, where you can practice.

sky-viper-nano-m200-drone-stuntsThe Sky Viper Nano M200 is also capable of doing stunts with the push of a button – you simply press the designated “stunt” button on the remote controller and the drone will perform barrel rolls or flips in mid-flight. What I particularly like about the remote controller is that the buttons are labelled, so you’ll get all the functionality straight away, no problems whatsoever.

What’s even better is that you also get adjustable sensitivity controls, meaning you can select between two different speed rates: 50% and 100%. Reducing the speed to 50% makes the process of learning to fly much easier, and gives you more time to react when it comes to piloting the nano drone. Once it gets easy enough, you can switch to 100% speed and continue to expand your skillset.

The flying time of the Sky Viper Nano M200 is around 10 minutes, so make sure you get some extra batteries for it if you want to fly it more. If not, the charging time takes around 20 minutes, and then you’ll be able to get it back in the air.

See it in action here:

Final thoughts:

Very cheap and well built
Easy to fly once you master the controls
Quick charge time
2 levels of sensitivity (50% and 100%) for novices and experts
Easy to pick up and play.
Stunt button

No propellor guards.
No protection from falls either. Be careful!
No graduated trim/difficult to perfectly balance without compensating.

Where to buy

You can get the Sky Viper M200 Nano Drone on Amazon, check it out here.

Overall, I’d say for this price, the Sky Viper Nano M200 drone is a no-brainer. It makes a perfect gift for any child (or even adult!), it’s tons of fun and will surely put a smile on your face.

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